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FB_IMG_1449058385106Earlier on, we talked about the power of vision; Great businessmen have risen from dust to riches through feeding their mind with positive energy. Success is a habit that you repeat day in day out. For you to achieve that which you have seen in your mind, you need to keep seeing it, keep thinking about it, keep talking about it for a period of time until you finally create, after that you have to keep recreating it every day. Great businessmen don’t believe in luck, they believe in working smart and hard, they believe in following a routine. FB_IMG_1449057722668This routine keeps on advancing each day so that they can achieve greater results. Note that the same routine will always give you the same result. Now you are wondering why after working for all those years in that company that you hate so much a promotion is not coming. What is your routine, could it be that what you were doing 5 years ago is what you are doing now or less. If your routine improves your price tag definitely improves. You may be doing everything right but you need to do something extra, if your employer doesn’t notice, am sure another will and even if they don’t you will at least feel good by setting a higher target for yourself and achieving, you will be a better you, your self confidence will have improved, furthermore employers don’t pay you to make you a millionaire, they pay you to make them millionaires.

Same case applies to the business world, if you are selling something the same way you will receive the same results. Create a need, ask yourself if I was a customer, and I was given a better quality product or service, would I pay more?and if yes then improve your Quality. CREATE THE NEED THEN OFFER A SOLUTION.

Everything starts by seeing first and then you create it. Want to get into business? Do you see a need, create a solution and you will be in business.Businesssmen are just ordinary people who have decided to use their mind power for their own betterment and that of the society.

Remember no one knows how to treat you, we all learn how to treat you from the way you treat yourself. In short we only see you as your own creation. What you have created out of yourself is what we see and treat you the same. Why is it that we call someone a doctor, C.E.O, carpenter, chairman and the rest. They created that name. Why is it that we highly respect some people so much in our society yet they don’t even have papers, they created that status? So next time you want people to call you a honorable name or treat you on a different social level, create it first and don’t tell me you don’t have the papers, some of the best business mogul had no papers, or in some cases the papers come later.Infact the only paper that is a must have is the one detailing your vision and purpose in this life.

Raise your price tag, and we will still buy you. Raising your status also requires character change, change of attitude and also changing your circle of friends. The best investment you will ever do in this world is investing in yourself, to grow your mind exponentially.

In business, you are the one who determines/create the price tag of your product or commodities. Why is it that a barber will charge you ksh 1000 for shaving your head yet another barber charges you ksh 50 and yet the one charging 1000 has a line of clients yet the one charging 50 rarely gets customers. You create what you want, if its quality, the world doesn’t have a choice rather than to buy from you.

So what do you want to create today?A business,a better you,a promotion,a good marriage?Well go ahead,it is within your power.THE MIND POWER

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