Many a times the saying ‘what you see is what you get’ has been interpreted the other way round. That what you see is not what you will always get. Literally this has proven to be true, but today I want us to talk about VISION. Your mind was created to perceive and see things that our naked eyes can’t see. Vision is the ability to see both with your eyes and your mind, while our eyes have lied to us so many times, our mind rarely does, what you see with your mind eye is usually what you Get.FB_IMG_1449057600971

One time God told Abraham to look, and the far he will see God will grant to Him. Now the choice on where to look was at Abraham’s hand. The choice to give was in Gods hand. If Abraham looked directly to the ground, that what he would get, if he looked to the mountains, that what he would get, if he decided not to look, he would get nothing. Abraham being wise, looked at the beautiful land of Canaan, and God gave him just that.

I tend to believe that your destiny doesn’t lie in your circumstances or your family genealogy but lies squarely on you. Nature is formed in a way that it respects and honors the power of your mind. Your mind has the ability to create anything as long as you can see it long enough. Your job is to use your mind eye to see, because God will only give you what you see.The only limitation for human beings to achieve the impossible is how far their mind eye can see. So next time you are complaining that your neighbor is doing well than you yet you are more educated than him, ask yourself, How far do I see. Your neighbor has what he have because he first took time to see it in his mind. Your brain power should be a million times more than your physical strength.

When God created you in His image, he gave you command over everything that lives and he also gave you the power to create the non existence. So largely you are either your own creation or someone else creation. For a number of years our parents create us, they feed our mind, and nature being in their command responds to their words, vision and desires towards your life. If your parents wanted an average life for you, Nature will give you just that. But here is the turning point, it doesn’t matter what your parents created, God have given you the power to “uncreate” and create again. This means that where you are may not be necessarily your doing but what you become is solely your responsibility.FB_IMG_1449058461434

I believe that before God created anything, He first had a vision about it, he saw it, thought about it, then talked about it [lets create man in our own image], then created it using the mind power. Everything you need follows this process. See it, think about it repeatedly, talk about it, and create it. This is a principle that nature obeys. The men who built the tower of Babel used this principal and to stop them God had to something to weaken their mind eye. Nature will respect this principle whether you are a Christian,pagan,muslim,hindu or anyone.

Understand today that you are what you see with your mind eye. And you alone set the limits to what you can achieve. See failure and you will always be a failure, see success and success will follow you.King David once said,”surely goodness and mercies(favour) shall follow me all the days of my life.Ordinary people follow or chase after riches,wealth and success.But smart people raise their mind power and vision to a level so high that wealth,riches and success have no option other than to follow them.This is the kind of revelation that David had,so why follow when you can be followed.Invest in yourself,raise your vision,improve your character,raise your bar higher,develop a positive attitutude and an eagles eye,belief In great things and watch nature conspire to make your dreams a reality.

My interpretation of the verse”seek ye the kingdom of God first and everything shall be added to you” is:believe in God,believe in what he created(you in His own image)and everything else is within your power.

Keep it here as we talk more about vision.


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